Sg permanent resident application – A Quick Guide

Sg permanent resident application – A Quick Guide 如何申请新加坡永久居民?

SG Permanent Resident Application : Singapore, a global beacon of innovation and diversity, continuously draws individuals from around the world who aspire to forge lasting connections with this dynamic city-state. For many, the gateway to this connection is through the pursuit of Permanent Residency (PR). Singapore offers a tapestry of PR pathways, each with its distinct eligibility criteria and intricacies. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the process of applying for PR in Singapore, unraveling the essential steps and navigating the complexities.


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Step 1: Assessing Your Eligibility: Before embarking on the PR application process, it is crucial to assess your eligibility. Singapore extends a diverse range of PR schemes, each tailored to specific circumstances. These eligibility categories include:

第 1 步:评估您的资格:在开始 PR 申请流程之前,评估您的资格至关重要。新加坡推出了各种各样的公关计划,每项计划都根据具体情况量身定制。这些资格类别包括:

  • Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass Scheme: Foreign professionals contributing to Singapore’s workforce may find their path to PR through this scheme, contingent upon meeting tenure prerequisites.

就业准证(EP) 和S 准证计划:为新加坡劳动力做出贡献的外国专业人士可以通过该计划找到获得永久居民的途径,具体取决于是否满足任期先决条件。

  • Sponsored by a Singaporean Citizen or PR: If you are the spouse or child of a Singaporean citizen or PR, you may qualify for PR.


  • Investor Scheme: Aspiring investors with plans for substantial financial contributions to Singapore’s growth may explore this avenue.


  • Aged Parents Scheme: Singaporean citizens seeking to bring their elderly parents to reside with them in Singapore may find this scheme relevant.  • 年迈父母计划:希望将年迈父母带到新加坡与他们一起居住的新加坡公民可能会发现该计划具有相关性


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Step 2: Compiling the Necessary Documents: Once you’ve identified your eligibility, gather the essential documents:

第 2 步:编制必要的文件:确定您的资格后,收集必要的文件:

  • Complete the PR application form with precision.
  • Supply recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Submit copies of your passport and other pertinent identification documents.
  • Present educational certificates and transcripts as evidence of your qualifications.
  • Include employment-related documents such as contracts and pay slips.
  • Furnish marriage and birth certificates where applicable.
  • Demonstrate your residence in Singapore through documents like lease agreements and utility bills.
  • If you are applying under the Investor Scheme, provide bank statements and financial documentation to substantiate your investment intentions.

·        准确填写永久居民申请表。·        提供近期的护照尺寸照片。·        提交护照和其他相关身份证明文件的副本。·        出示教育证书和成绩单作为您的资格证明。·        包括与就业相关的文件,例如合同和工资单。·        如果适用,请提供结婚证和出生证。·        通过租赁协议和水电费账单等文件证明您在新加坡的居住地。·        如果您根据投资者计划进行申请,请提供银行对账单和财务文件以证实您的投资意向。

Thoroughly review your documents to ensure accuracy and currency.


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Step 3: Submission of Your Application: The PR application process in Singapore is primarily conducted through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. Pay the requisite application fee and attach all required documents accurately. A meticulous review of your application is paramount to mitigate potential delays.

第 3 步:提交申请:新加坡的永久居民申请流程主要通过移民与关卡局 (ICA) 网站进行。支付必要的申请费并准确附上所有必需的文件。仔细审查您的申请对于减少潜在的延误至关重要

Step 4: Exercise Patience During Processing: PR applications in Singapore often entail several months of processing. Throughout this period, the ICA may request additional information or documents. Exercise patience and maintain vigilance by monitoring your application status online.

第四步:在处理过程中保持耐心:新加坡的永久居民申请通常需要几个月的处理时间。在此期间,ICA 可能会要求提供更多信息或文件。通过在线监控您的申请状态,保持耐心并保持警惕。

Step 5: Responding to Interviews and Supplementary Requirements: In certain scenarios, applicants may be summoned for interviews or requested to provide supplementary information. Be prepared to actively participate in interviews and respond promptly to any requests from the ICA.

第5步:回应面试和补充要求:在某些情况下,申请人可能会被要求面试或提供补充信息。准备好积极参与面谈并及时回应 ICA 的任何要求。

Step 6: Receiving the Verdict: Upon the conclusion of the processing phase, an official letter will be dispatched to inform you of the application’s outcome. In the event of approval, you will receive comprehensive instructions on finalizing the formalities and obtaining your PR status.

第 6 步:收到裁决:处理阶段结束后,我们将发出一封正式信函,通知您申请的结果。如果获得批准,您将收到有关完成手续和获得永久居民身份的全面说明。

Step 7: Fulfilling Formalities: Adhere diligently to the instructions furnished by the ICA to complete the requisite formalities, including PR registration and the issuance of your PR card.

第 7 步:履行手续:严格遵守 ICA 提供的说明,完成必要的手续,包括永久居民注册和永久居民卡的发放。

Step 8: PR Renewal: Singapore PR status typically extends for a decade, subject to renewal. Ensure strict compliance with the renewal criteria to sustain your PR status.

第 8 步:永久居民身份续签:新加坡永久居民身份的有效期通常为十年,可以续签。确保严格遵守续签标准以维持您的永久居民身份。

Conclusion: The journey to securing Permanent Residency in Singapore is a structured yet competitive endeavor. Adhering to the specific eligibility criteria and presenting precise documentation is instrumental in enhancing your prospects of approval. While the path may be challenging, the prospects and privileges that Singapore PR offers make it a coveted pursuit. In recognition of the ever-evolving landscape, consider consulting with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or seeking professional guidance for a successful PR application. Embrace the promise of making Singapore your permanent home, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of cultures and opportunities this remarkable city-state has to offer.  All the best to your SG Permanent Resident Application!

结论:获得新加坡永久居留权的过程是一个结构化但竞争激烈的过程。遵守特定的资格标准并提供准确的文件有助于提高您的批准前景。虽然这条道路可能充满挑战,但新加坡公共关系所提供的前景和特权使其成为令人垂涎的追求。鉴于形势不断变化,请考虑咨询移民和检查站管理局 (ICA) 或寻求专业指导,以成功申请永久居民。拥抱让新加坡成为您永久家园的承诺,让自己沉浸在这个非凡城邦所提供的充满活力的文化和机遇中。


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