Family office Singapore requirements – Requirements Unpacked

Family office Singapore requirements

Navigating Wealth Management Terrain


Family Office Singapore Requirements – Singapore has firmly established itself as a global haven for wealth management, beckoning high-net-worth individuals and families in search of comprehensive solutions to steer their financial destinies. Among the bespoke solutions in this thriving landscape is the family office, a tailored structure designed to cater to the unique financial needs of discerning clients. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the intricacies of the Singaporean family office criteria, offering insights into the nuanced process of establishing and operating a family office in this thriving Asian financial hub.  Please note that the conditions for family offices change very frequently so please consult a lawyer who covers this area of private wealth legal practice.

Family office Singapore requirements :

Family offices are bespoke, private entities and they have special family office Singapore Requirements designed to navigate the complex web of financial, investment, estate planning, and administrative needs of affluent families. They offer a centralized approach to wealth management, providing an array of services encompassing investment management, tax optimization, legal counsel, and philanthropic support.

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Family office Singapore requirements :

  1. Minimum Assets Under Management (AUM): To establish a family office in Singapore, one must meet a minimum assets under management (AUM) threshold. While this threshold may vary, it typically ranges from SGD 200 million to SGD 1 billion. The AUM requirement serves as a gatekeeper, ensuring that family offices cater exclusively to high-net-worth clients.  Currently the minimum SFO Family Office Singapore Requirements for AUM under the S13O MAS tax incentive is SGD 20 million.
  2. Regulatory Approval: Singaporean family offices must secure regulatory approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This entails obtaining a license or securing an exemption based on the scope of their activities. Stringent adherence to regulatory requirements is non-negotiable, including unwavering compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) mandates.
  3. Physical Presence: A tangible presence in Singapore is a prerequisite for family offices. This entails maintaining an office space and a dedicated team to oversee the office’s day-to-day operations.
  4. Competent Personnel: Family offices must boast a team of seasoned professionals proficient in areas such as investment management, legal compliance, tax optimization, and estate planning. Recruiting experts with the requisite qualifications and experience is imperative.
  5. Comprehensive Service Palette: The spectrum of services offered by family offices must be expansive and bespoke, tailored to the unique needs of the client family. These services may encompass investment advisory, financial planning, succession planning, and philanthropic advisory, among others.
  6. Transparent Reporting: Family offices are held to exacting standards of transparent reporting, both to their client families and regulatory authorities. This entails regular reporting on investment performance, financial statements, and unswerving compliance with regulatory prerequisites.
  7. Tax Code Adherence: While Singapore boasts a favorable tax regime for family offices, strict adherence to tax regulations is obligatory. This includes compliance with taxation of investment income and adherence to meticulous estate planning.
  8. Governance Framework: Family offices frequently establish a governance structure that may include a family constitution or charter. This document delineates the family’s mission, vision, values, and decision-making processes. A well-defined governance framework serves as the compass guiding the family toward its objectives.

The Advantages of Launching a Family Office in Singapore:

  1. Strategic Nexus: Singapore’s strategic location within Asia confers family offices with unparalleled access to a robust network of financial institutions and global markets, positioning it as an ideal hub for steering international investments.
  2. Regulatory Robustness: Singapore’s regulatory framework is celebrated for its stability and unwavering alignment with international standards, instilling a profound sense of trust and confidence among clients.
  3. Tax Benefits: Singapore extends tax incentives and exemptions that can significantly enhance the value proposition for family offices and their clients.
  4. Wealth Safeguarding: Family offices in Singapore are aptly equipped to facilitate wealth preservation and succession planning, guaranteeing the financial legacy’s safe passage to future generations.

Family office Singapore requirements – Key Requisites

– The establishment and operation of a family office in Singapore entail meeting specific criteria and adhering to regulatory standards. These criteria are in place to ensure that family offices deliver top-tier services to discerning clients while upholding transparency and scrupulous compliance with the law. With its strategic locale, robust regulatory framework, and tax advantages, Singapore stands as an enticing haven for families embarking on the journey of establishing family offices and masterfully steering their wealth toward prosperous horizons.

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简介: 新加坡已经确立自己作为全球财富管理的避风港,吸引了富裕的个人和家庭,寻求全面解决方案来管理他们的财务事务。在这个蓬勃发展的领域中,家族办公室是一种定制的结构,旨在满足挑剔客户的独特财务需求。本文将探讨新加坡家族办公室的条件,为您揭示在这个蓬勃发展的亚洲金融中心建立和运营家族办公室的复杂过程。

理解家族办公室: 家族办公室是专为富裕家庭的财务、投资、资产规划和行政需求而设计的私人机构。它们提供了一种集中的财富管理方法,提供包括投资管理、税务优化、法律咨询和慈善支持在内的服务。


  1. 最低资产管理(AUM): 要在新加坡设立家族办公室,通常需要满足最低资产管理(AUM)要求。虽然具体的AUM门槛可能有所不同,但通常在2亿新加坡元到10亿新加坡元之间。AUM要求旨在确保家族办公室专门为高净值客户提供服务。
  2. 监管批准: 新加坡家族办公室必须获得新加坡金融管理局(MAS)的监管批准。他们需要申请许可证或根据其活动范围获得豁免。严格遵守监管要求至关重要,包括严格遵守反洗钱(AML)和了解客户(KYC)的法规。
  3. 实体存在: 家族办公室在新加坡必须有实体存在。这意味着必须有办公空间和一个专门的团队来管理办公室的日常运营。
  4. 合格人员: 家族办公室必须拥有一支精通投资管理、法律合规、税收优化和财产规划等领域的专业团队。招聘具有相关资格和经验的专业人员至关重要。
  5. 全面服务组合: 家族办公室提供的服务范围必须广泛且定制,以满足客户家庭的独特需求。这些服务可能包括投资咨询、财务规划、继承规划和慈善咨询等。
  6. 透明报告: 家族办公室必须保持透明的报告实践,既向客户家庭报告,也向监管当局报告。这包括定期报告投资绩效、财务报表以及严格遵守监管要求。
  7. 遵守税收法规: 尽管新加坡对家族办公室提供了有利的税收制度,但严格遵守税收法规是必要的。这包括遵守有关投资收入和财产规划的税收法规。
  8. 治理框架: 家族办公室通常建立一个治理结构,其中可能包括家族宪法或章程。这份文件概述了家庭的使命、愿景、价值观和决策流程。明确的治理框架作为指南,引导家庭朝着其目标前进。


  1. 战略位置: 新加坡在亚洲的战略地理位置为家族办公室提供了无与伦比的机会,使他们可以访问庞大的金融机构和全球市场网络,成为管理国际投资的理想中心。
  2. 监管框架: 新加坡的监管框架以其稳定性和对国际标准的坚定遵循而著称,为客户带来了信任和信心。
  3. 税收优惠: 新加坡提供税收激励措施和免税政策,可大大增加家族办公室及其客户的吸引力。
  4. 财富保护: 新加坡的家族办公室设备齐全,可协助财富保护和继承规划,确保财务遗产安全传递给未来的世代。

结论: 在新加坡建立和运营家族办公室需要满足特定的条件并遵守监管标准。这些条件旨在确保家族办公室向挑剔的客户提供高质量的服务,同时遵守法律法规并保持透明度。



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