Commercial Lawyer near me : How do I find a corporate legal adviser?

Commercial Lawyer near me – Most people look for corporate lawyers in Singapore when they have a transaction on hand such as a sale transaction, investment transaction or a joint venture.  This article will highlight 3 different things to note when looking for a commercial lawyer near you.

#1: Corporate lawyers may have an industry focus

As different industries grow larger, some lawyers tend either because they have many of a certain client base to be more specialised in one particular area.  As a result, if you speak to a corporate lawyer who is very familiar with startups or private equity deals as compared to a generalist corporate law practitioner, you will be able to tell that such corporate legal adviser can value add to your transaction by telling you what is market standard for terms in your contracts and help highlight to you key commercial terms.

However, some people for budgetary concerns will choose the cheapest commercial lawyer near me.  That is fine as well but you will therefore get general advice for your matter.  When fund raising for your company (whether startup or private equity deal), do check with your corporate lawyer whether they are familiar with the Securities and Futures Act as some generalist corporate lawyers may not be so familiar with it.  For an example of a breach of the Securities and Futures Act, you can see this news article in Singapore:

#2: Different lawyers focus on different stages of growth of a business

Some law firms only look at larger deals and as a result are not aware of issues affecting small and medium businesses.  A good mid size legal practice should be able to help you achieve your business objectives whether large or small.  Do spend time looking for a law firm that is a good fit for your scale of business and your budget.  Our partner legal practice has experience in both large and startup work so is a good fit for your business expansion requirements.

#3: Urgent work is charged more than routine work

Most clients start negotiating early but bring corporate lawyers only late into the transaction so by the time, such routine corporate deal work becomes urgent.  One of the things that corporate law firms take into consideration is whether the work is required on an urgent basis and therefore will have to charge more as they need to work overnight into the wee hours of the morning to get the documentation ready for the deal.  Clients should try to strike a balance between fees payable early and rushing the corporate lawyers to get the documents to meet transaction timelines as some of this timeline pressure is self-created.

Finding a commercial lawyer near me is important for your business requirements.  However, you should try to find a corporate lawyer that is able to cover your industry focus, your business stage of growth and try to bring work earlier to your corporate legal team so it is not urgent work which necessitates higher legal fees.

In conclusion, we have in this article highlighted three key things that you need to note when choosing a commercial lawyer Singapore and we wish you all the best in the future of your business ventures as they expand from Singapore to the rest of South East Asia. is a corporate law and commercial law educational website headquartered in Singapore which aims to demystify business law and 新加坡商业法 for SME Company Owners, Startup Founders and 新加坡新移民老板。The information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice.  Please obtain specific legal advice from a lawyer before taking any legal action.  Although we try our best to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, you rely on it at your own risk.  Click here to signup for our newsletter today to be kept updated on the latest legal developments in Singapore.

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