Singapore is an ideal place for trading companies. With its corruption free system, efficient customs/logistics hub status, there is a strong case for setting up a Singapore Business by way of registering a Singapore incorporated Subsidiary.  This article will argue for the case for Singapore Business and why you should set up shop in Singapore today.

Singapore Companies are quick for setting up and can be done now in less than a day.  Many foreign investors are quite surprised when they find that a Singapore company can be incorporated within a day in Singapore and one can start his business hitting the ground running almost on the same day. Efficiency in Singapore is quite high and is great for business ventures that have a strong regional element as well as most of the regulatory compliance and work will be done in Singapore and thus ensure that your money is relatively well protected.

Singapore companies also are well regarded overseas and can help you establish trust with your foreign clients more easily. Many Singapore Companies are set up to run business ventures in China and the Singapore brand name does help in business development efforts in China.

Companies are now focusing on Singapore business as a springboard to move into the south east asian region. Singapore is close to Malaysia, Indonesia and the rest of the Association of South East Asian Countries so if you want to venture into the region, set up shop in Singapore, hire a manager from Singapore with the relevant language/cultural skills and connections to expand into the region.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to incorporate your Singapore business subsidiary.