There are several medium to large law firms in Singapore but what you want is a Singapore law firm that provides you good service and one that is able to serve all your legal requirements, I.e. a one-stop shop.

Some areas of legal services that you may require in a Singapore law firm may include:-

  • Real Estate Legal services also known as conveyancing services – So when you touch down in town, you may wish to purchase a property in Singapore so you would need someone to do the paperwork for this and advise you on your legal risk in buying different property classes;
  • Incorporation Legal Services to help you incorporate your company and do the corporate secretarial work for your local subsidiary;
  • Corporate Legal Services to help you vet all your legal contracts and draft Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements and Subscription Agreements to name a few documents that you would need in the course of your business;
  • Intellectual Property Legal Services – You would need this if your company relies on intellectual property like for example a company like Disney or if you are a manufacturing company that wishes to file patents over your latest inventions;
  • Employment Legal Services – Many companies need to know the latest labour laws applicable to their company and a Singapore law firm can advise you on the Employment Act and other employment contract related matters;
  • Litigation Services – The enforcement of the law comes with a good litigation department. You want a law firm that acts in your best interest and makes sure that your counterparties follow their legal obligations.

But the best Singapore law firm is one that can harness all the strengths of its different departments and give you a all in one stop shop for all your legal needs. The ability of synergistic action to achieve your success by the Singapore law firm is something that should be key to your choice of Singapore law firm.

Finally, other than providing legal services, a Singapore law firm can be a valuable source of local contacts and connections to various government agencies and you do need to ask your lawyer about whether they can help make an introduction to various government agencies that can help your business get government grants and tax breaks.