Are you looking for a Singapore Corporate Attorney? This article will highlight some key insights into the Singapore legal landscape and list some key aspects of a good Singapore Corporate Attorney.
But before that we will examine three key reasons why US MNCs set up companies in Singapore:
• Firstly, many US Multinational companies set up subsidiaries in Singapore as command and control headquarters for their pan-South East Asian operations. One reason for this is endemic corruption in the rest of South East Asia so as a counter measure the US HQ would keep its finance and management functions in Singapore and leave only their operational and manufacturing activities in the region.
• Secondly, the US firms choose Singapore in light of its good standard of living and the presence of many global international schools for their children.
• Thirdly, the Economic Development Board of Singapore gives economic incentives for US Firms to base their regional headquarters in Singapore. A Singapore Corporate Attorney or Singapore lawyer (as it is usually referred to in Singapore) would be able to help point the US Company in the right direction.
So why should you choose one Singapore Corporate Attorney over another? We believe that there are three key things you should consider when making that choice:-
• Firstly, a Singapore Lawyer should understand your commercial considerations and help you structure your transaction so as to meet your commercial objectives.
• Secondly, a Singapore lawyer should have some understanding of how your foreign law interplays with the Singapore subsidiary so that they can look out for your interest not only in Singapore but in the US as well where you have US reporting requirements.
• Thirdly, a Singapore lawyer should also be able to point you in the right direction in terms of what Singapore government organizations can help your business whether in terms of tax breaks or otherwise.
In conclusion, a Singapore Corporate Attorney or Singapore lawyer should be chosen in terms of both his expertise and his connections so as to help you set up shop quickly in Singapore to expand into the Asia Pacific Region.