It is late in the afternoon and you wonder why you are so stressed and you realize that a legal issue has cropped up and you are now in a legal tussle with your neighbor or your joint venture partner.

We will examine the issue of when to find a lawyer in Singapore in three stages, namely at the planning stage, at the execution stage and after a crisis has blown up.

At the Planning Stage

We would suggest that for commercial transactions or a real estate transaction it is important that you find your lawyer in Singapore at the start of the transaction or immediately after the negotiation stage so that your lawyer can look at the relevant documentation to protect your commercial interest.

At the Execution Stage

Finding a lawyer in Singapore at the execution stage of a transaction although not highly recommended would be important to ensure that you get the things that you contracted for.

At the Crisis Stage

If you have not found a lawyer in the earlier two stages, it is likely that the clauses in the various agreements and documents are all drafted against your favour and you would be much disadvantaged by this. However, it is critical that you find a Singapore lawyer to advise you on what legal recourse that you can get so as to prevent future liability on your part from arising.

But how do you find a lawyer in Singapore? Some people go online to search, others go to the Law Society of Singapore to search for a lawyer. But when looking for a lawyer, it is highly recommended that you find a lawyer that is experienced and well connected to see if they can handle/ resolve your legal issues either though administrative means and/or legal means.

If your matter is not complicated or if you are not well off, we would suggest that you choose a smaller law firm. But if your matter is complex and you are against a larger law firm, it may well be worth if to find a medium to large law firm which would have the resources to stand up to the larger firm in terms of legal documentation and legal arsenal.

In conclusion, finding a lawyer in Singapore is not difficult, but finding a good lawyer requires good recommendations. Finding a commercially savvy lawyer for your particular needs that fits the amount that you can afford is critical so choose wisely.